Sacer X Mashrou3 El Saada

Sacer advocates for the mental health of marginalized communities through artwork on sustainable streetwear. Mashrou El Saada focuses on the psychological & emotional well-being of local communities through color therapy & biophilic architecture. Our shared values will help members of Heissa Island near Aswan, Egypt maintains their traditional indigenous art.

Sacer X UNHCR Egypt

For our 'Threads of Life' collection we collaborated with the UNHCR in Egypt where we worked with a group of refugee artists from Syria, Eriteria and South Sudan. We bought their artwork and used them to create up cycled pieces to advocate for their cause. Through in-depth interviews we shared their stories by taking excerpts and adding it to the pieces. In addition, we held a Mental Health workshop where we created new art pieces that expressed their identities & self-image, telling new stories about where they’ve been, where they are and where they want to go. A percentage of sales from this collection was donated to the refugee artists.

  • Dialogue in the Dark Egypt

    This collaboration with Dialogue in the Dark, a Drosos-funded project by El Noor wel Amal, aimed to raise awareness for the cause of individuals who are visually impaired and blind. We created 2 special edition designs, included Braille cards within each product to help them shop independently, and we created social media campaigns to market their efforts and increase traffic to the venue and advocate for the cause. A percentage of sales was donated to the organization to create awareness & informational workshops for the families of people with visually impairment and blindness.

  • Sacer X Zakeia

    Zakeia is one of the most authentic and unique brands in Egypt. They are a slow fashion brand that up-cycles designer fabrics and clothing. We collaborated and designed 2 special edition T-shirts dedicating a percentage of the profits to Share a Smile Foundation.

  • A better World Movement

    A Better World is a movement between 4 Egyptian sustainable brands that came together to create an eco-bundle that provides sustainable alternatives to everyday lifestyle products. The bundle includes products that raise awareness for taking care of our seas & oceans, using 3 “champion” creatures (the whale, shark and turtle) to help customers understand why they’re in danger of extinction. In addition to the products in the bundle, we also held experiential interactive events for kids & adults to raise awareness for this cause. A percentage of sales is allocated for a beach clean-up and tree planting event.