Green Zero Waste Production

As part of our ongoing efforts to become & remain green we focus on many aspects of our business, knowing that sustainability is a journey and we will continue to develop it as we go along. We use only sustainable fabrics such as 100% GOTS-certified organic Egyptian cotton and we focus on circularity by creating capsule collections made out of pre consumer waste (i.e. dead stock fabric, scraps, etc.). We have no single-use plastic in our entire supply chain and our packaging is always created from recycled or natural materials.

The use of chemicals is extremely harmful on the environment as most of us know so it’s important for us to make sure that there are no harmful chemicals used in the making of our products. This means that biodiversity & agro-farming is used in the agriculture, all our inks and dyes are GOTS-certified, and there is no animal testing.

Taking our sustainability further,  all our physical assets that are used for events/shows/otherwise are made from up-cycled or natural materials. For example, our branded hangers are made out of recycled craft paper & cardboard, and our display furniture is made out of recycled paper & wood.

At Sacer we aim to have a zero-waste business model, which means that nothing gets thrown out. We use any leftover material from our own production to create new products and our product development strategies are focused on using waste/non-virgin materials in design. We are closing the loop and maintain our low quantity capsule collections to avoid mass production.

From Seed to Closet

Transparency and traceability are the name of the game. Being an ethical, sustainable and responsible brand we know it’s our duty to showcase as many details about our products as possible. We highlight where, who and what our clothes are made of so you can be sure to know what goes into it all from seed to closet.


The Green Room

The Green Room is Sacer’s hub of all things Sustainable Fashion, no-waste & circularity, climate change and all the newest eco-fashion technologies. Join us for eye-opening talks, skillful workshops, entertaining podcasts and events. Its Greener where you water it.